Saturday, 15 June 2013

The Final Countdown

So, we are finally hearing of detailed government plans for the privatisation of the Royal Mail, with a target date within the next twelve months. Their determination to go ahead -despite operating profits of £403 million in the twelve months to March 2013 and widespread opposition to the plans - appears to have little purpose than sustaining political dogma. The proposal to offer 10% of shares to Royal mail staff is not sweet enough to prevent an opposition campaign by the Communication Workers Union and Federation of Sub Postmasters which suggests industrial action and strikes are not too far away.

One has to be sympathetic to Queen Elizabeth's situation in this, her coronation jubilee year. Having to offer a prepared speech to parliament that will effectively remove her relationship with the institution. What if she had been able to write her own presentation? Maybe it would look something like this:

"....The government will be selling off my mail service, which has served the country very well since it was first made available to my public by my ancestor, Charles I in 1635. Although today I have no real say in what the clowns in my government do, it seems a shame to disband an institution that has long served my people from Land's End to John O'Groats. It will not be the same when it is owned by a bunch of greedy investment bankers, for they only care about profits and not service. Indeed, some of the people, living in remote parts of my country may end up without a mail service at all. Sadly this is the price they must pay so that the greedy rich can enhance their investment portfolios. I am sad that this current group of political idiots think so little for the services provided for my people and so much for the wealth of their rich friends. If only I were Henry VIII......"

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  1. Not looking forward to it.... But, I do hope I'll still be able to use the stamps I have (somewhere I read as long as it is a mint stamp of "decimal" value, then it can be used for postage)....