Wednesday, 18 January 2012

New Year, New Start!

"...He that thinks he can afford to be negligent is not far from being poor..." (Samuel Johnson)
I started this blog six months ago with the best of intentions - in fact I made three pledges, which to be fair I think I have continued to uphold. Sadly I have been distracted,(I will not dwell upon this) but now I return with greater determination to broadcast and entertain the world!
Today I received an Australian airmail envelope celebrating the lunar New Year, the year of the Dragon. A New Year > New Year resolutions > "I will maintain a blog!"

Australia 2012 Year of the Dragon post paid international envelope

I must admit to having an admiration for postal stationery - a real 'no - nonsense' approach to correspondence. No fiddling about looking for stamps, researching the postal rates and licking stamps. Write your message, seal the envelope and put it in the postbox. Bish..bash..bosh!

Also in today's post was a nice first day cover from my friend Douglas in Taiwan. Chungwa Post (the Taiwan equivalent to Royal Mail) have celebrated the New Year with the first in a series of definitive stamps featuring indigenous berry plants. The first issue comprises Kiwi fruit (Kiwi: a bird native to New Zealand?), Miracle berry (surely a somewhat extravagant claim), American black nightshade (a recent immigrant?) and the Potato Tree (surely "spuds" grow underground). Who comes up with these names?

Taiwan Berries part 1 FDC uprated with ATM

I'm hoping that the Royal Mail have made a New Year resolution not to apply their "signature required" handstamps and labels across the stamps. A little care and effort can make a world of difference.

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