Sunday, 26 June 2011

Does size matter?

I have an ongoing dispute with the Post Office about the sale of commemorative postage stamps at local Post Offices. One aspect of this dispute is their apparent lack of interest in selling them - to the extent that some offices no longer keep a stock of the current issue. The Post Office response to my claim is that many offices do not have the storage capacity to retain them. Really! with smaller sheet sizes and quantities produced, a six month supply could be facilitated in a box less than half a metre square.
Recently a friend sent me a postcard of what is claimed to be the smallest Post Office in the USA which is located at Ochopee in Florida (in the "everglades", 100km south of Naples). Although little more than the size of the average garden shed, it has a thriving philatelic business providing a service to locals and stamp collectors around the world.
Ochopee Post Office, Florida 33943 U.S.A.

I wrote and sent a stamped envelope to the postmaster at Opochee, asking for an example of the postmark. It was returned in little over a week, duly postmarked and with a souvenir cachet. Amazing what a little imagination and committment can do!

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