Thursday, 16 June 2011

A perfect combination

As passionate as I am about stamp collecting, I do have other interests. Like the enigmatic Inspector Morse, I enjoy a pint of beer - but real beer, not the chemical enhanced brew that is commonplace nowadays.
An idea struck me! Why can't the two interests be combined?
My local pub, The White House at Daisy Bank has a posting box built into the wall, so why not go the extra mile and start selling stamps and stationery (and maybe the odd philatelic souvenir) across the bar? So cool!
The place has lots of tables which is ideal for writing correspondence and filling in forms and what could be more stimulating to original thought than a couple of pints of best bitter?
One might say that stamps and liquids don't ideally go together, but the Royal Mail have already solved this problem with the self adhesive stamp - a useful application of modern technology.
Income could be raised from selling advertising on drip mats. If these were produced as collectable postcards (I have some good examples in my own collection) then we are already onto a winner.

Philatelic greetings on a beer drip mat!

I have put my ideas down on paper and dashed off a letter to the marketing manager of a local brewery. Surely this will be giving it their earnest attention? I'll keep you posted!

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